Minecraft APK Download. On April 6, 2021 Minecraft Pe new update was released. with this update lot of bugs and error was solved. You all know that minecraft is everyone favorite. Every one want new version every time. Minecraft bedrock edition is very good edition. Minecraft APK is latest version.

What is Minecraft and its Features:

Minecraft is a sandbox video game Which is developed by Mojang. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. After so many test then 2011 this game was released for everyone. Minecraft has Available for many platforms and is the best-selling video game of all time, This game Sold 200 million copies and Minecraft has 126 million monthly active users as of 2020. Minecraft has many mode like survival mode, Creative mode and Adventure mode etc. This Minecraft pocket edition is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Download Minecraft 1.16.220, 1.16.30 APK:

You can download Minecraft APK and Minecraft Pe Download version from the given below link. You can also download upcoming version Minecraft pe 1.16.230 and Minecraft 1.16.250 etc from the given below link.


After clicking on above button, Downloading of Minecraft 1.16.220 APK will be started.

This update fixes several gameplay issue accidents, includes small and large bug fixes such as issues with mobs blocks, and some user get interface issues which is also solved. This latest update Android also added an animation of people drowning swinging their arms when throwing tridents. This is not big update from the minecraft but it can solve the many issues.

Minecraft Changes:

In this version Sign text’s color can now be changed with any of 16 dyes to match Java Edition.

Many Map Making and Add-ons is updated:

  • In this Renamed all references of Actor to its Entity.
  • In 1.16.02 Renamed ‘BlockPos’ to ‘BlockLocation’.
  • Added ‘start sequence to GameTest, which allows finer control over advanced test sequences.
  • There are many other changes like GameTest sequence callbacks no longer take test as a mcpe parameter as the initial test object now lives as long as the whole test.
  • Updated Behavior Packs to require explicit module dependencies when using other native modules.

Framework Updated:

  • Blocks shorthand Updated helpers to be camelCase.
  • Blocks shorthand is updated to only include vanilla blocks.
  • Added Blocks. get to fetch a block is also updated and return null if it doesn’t exist.
  • BlockStates is updated.
  • Added setState to Block.
  • Added BlockPos and ItemStack class GameTest Module.
  • Added Tags to enumerate all built-in tags.
  • Updated all methods that took x, y, z positions to take a BlockPos.
  • Exposed padding when registering game test.

Minecraft pocket edition 1.16.220 is very good update for players. Some upcoming Minecraft . Minecraft 1.17 is the largest Minecraft 2 updated which is going released on spring-summer.So if you like our article then share it with your friends I hope your friends will also like our article. if you have any problem regarding downloading the latest update on Android and iOS and Pc the comments us I will try to solve your issues.

Minecraft 1.16.220 APK Download – MCPE
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