Best Guns in Free FireRecently, Hundreds of people messaged me asking me about Best Guns in Garena Free Fire so today I am sharing a list of top 5 Free Fire Guns with all of you. The ranking of these Free Fire Weapons is based upon my opinion. I am sure that most of Free Fire Players will like these guns. These Guns are mostly select because of their Power, Clip Size, Range, Accuracy, and Rate of Fire. You can check out a list of best Free Fire Weapons below.

Top 5 Best Free Fire Guns

You can check out best guns for Garena Free Fire Game below.

1. M79 (The Grenade Launcher)


Merits of M79

  • The most powerful gun in the history of Free Fire Game.
  • It is almost impossible to defend its damage.
  • Anyone can use it.
  • It can kill the whole squad with just one blow.

Demerits of M79

It is very difficult to find M79 in Free Fire.

2. Groza


Merits of Groza

  • It’s a perfect weapon for both medium range and long range.
  • The Fire Rate, Range and Accuracy are very good.

Demerits of Groza

  • It is a little bit difficult to find in Free Fire.

3. M4A1


Merits of M4A1

  • The only AR gun which works perfectly without attachments like Muzzle and Foregrip.
  • The most balanced gun in Garena Free Fire.
  • Its damage is always stable.
  • It has a very good Reload Speed.

Demerits of M4A1

  • Fire Rate is slow as compared to other guns.
  • Damage is less than AK and Scar.

4. MP40


Merits of MP40

  • The only new gun that made everyone to love it.
  • M40 has the highest Fire Rate.
  • Its success rate for short range is very high.

Demerits of MP40

  • Not good for medium to high range.
  • Not the most balanced gun.
  • It uses a lot of SMG Ammo.

5. M1014


Merits of M1014

  • Very good for short range.
  • Gives intense damage to enemies.

Demerits of M1014

  • Reloading speed of M1014 is very slow.
  • Only used for very short range.
  • Fire rate is slow.

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These are the top 5 guns in the Garena Free Fire game and If you like this article then please share it with other Free Fire players. If you think there should be any other gun in this list then comment below. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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